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How to pursue Computer programming after completing 12th Commerce?

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Computer courses after 12th commerce

The field of computer programming is constantly evolving. Whether unpaid or part-time, they can provide valuable industry exposure and help you build a network. So, with evolving technology, our education fields are expanding rapidly. With more to learn and explore as a beginner choosing the right career path can be confusing. Hence we have created this article for you to learn and expand your career path as you grow and complete your 12th education.

If you are a commerce pass-out and looking to find a career path in computer programing in this article we have covered all the aspects. Which one can learn and invest in i.e., How to pursue Computer programming after completing 12th Commerce? Let's learn.

Career Goal to Build in Computer Programming After 12th Commerce - To Begin With

1. Degree Courses:

If you are planning for bachelor’s after 12th commerce then there are several computer degree courses after 12th commerce. They can be challenging and can help you in building a career path. There are several college degree courses that you can learn about and choose commerce with computer science.

2. Basics of Computers:

When you are student that holds commerce background in 12th and you want to take up computer courses then it is important to know the basics of computer. The base of learning always starts by understanding what your dealing with.

And if you want to hold the postion of computer graduate with commerce background then start with basic computer classes. Learn via Youtube, explore computer books, follow tech trends and make your way to build a career in commerce with computer science.

3. Online Computer Courses

As told start with the computer programming basics if you have done 12th commerce. Before you take up a college degree or if you are planning to. Or even after graduation from a commerce background you can still take up online computer classes and get certified.

By doing the above you will get an clear idea how computer programming career works and you will start to pick up the learning skills eventually.

4. Internship Programs

After 12th commerce you can start your career earlier by taking up internships in well-versed institutions. There are n number of organization who hire learners as interns who are determined to learn and explore. So after 12th before you start with college degree take a 3month internship program. And it can be an great boost to your career in computer programming.

5. Think of Higher Education

Career options for a 12th commerce pass out are expandable and flexible. And more to learn about if you are willing to take up Masters or any other high career scope degrees in computer programming, would undoubtedly recommend it. As it builds an strong basement to your career.

6. Practice Coding

When it comes to programming career it is important that you know what you do. As said practice makes an human best in what he/she does. So with computer science IT courses or Master courses for commerce graduates understand the theory and practically start to implement those. And try making your own product.

7. Programming Projects

No matter how much theory we read and get an good amount of grades it all depends on executing it practically. So, thats what one has to do if he/she is looking for an best career in Computer programming after 12th commerce. Take up initiative to build new projects make mistakes learn and improve.

Note: If you are confused about your next career step then get help from our expert career counsellors who have already helped hundreds of students across India with their career decisions.

7 Best Computer Degree Courses After 12th Commerce

Here is a list of the top 7 best computer degree courses after 12th commerce you can consider and learn about,

  1. BCA - Bachelor’s in Computer Application

  2. Diploma in Graphic Design or Multimedia

  3. B.Com in Computer Application

  4. Diploma in Computer Applications

  5. Digital Banking & Finance Diploma

  6. CAD

  7. Web Designing & Development

Best Online Professional Computer Courses After 12th Commerce

A list of the best online professional computer courses that help for career building after college and during a job. Best certification courses that can make your profile enhanced and help you earn the best.

  1. SEO Certificate Course

  2. M.S Programming Certificate

  3. C++ Programming Certificate

  4. Tally ERP Course

  5. Digital Marketing Certification

  6. Data Entry Operator Course

  7. Certificate Course in Network Administration

Top 10 Computer Courses with High Paid salary After 12th Commerce

Computer Courses with High Paid salary

Course Duration

Course Fees Starting Avg.

Expected Salary

Data Science

6-12 months

INR 20,000/-

INR 3.6 - 25 Lakhs/yr

Cyber Security

3 - 12 months

​INR 44 - 50K

INR 5 Lakhs/yr

Project Manager

6 months

INR 10K - 1L

INR 4 - 28Lakhs/yr

Web Designing

1-2 years

INR 1-2Lakhs

INR 1 - 5.5Lakhs/yr

Google Certifications

3-6 months

INR 4000/month

INR 14 - 70Lakhs/yr

Java Programming

4 months

INR 2 - 5K

INR 3 - 9Lakhs/yr

Digital Marketing

8 - 12 months

INR 15 - 20K

INR 3 - 18Lakhs/yr

IT Certification

12 months

INR 8K - 1.3L

INR 2 - 14Lakhs/yr

Big Data Analyst Certificate


INR 10K-1L

INR 2 - 14Lakhs/yr

​Social Media Marketing Course

8 - 12 months

INR 10K - 1L

INR 1.2 - 10Lakhs/yr

It's never too late to take control of your career. Meraki has successfully assisted hundreds of students in making the right career choices and finding the perfect career fit based on their interests. You can easily transition from commerce to computer programming at any time. Get in touch with our career counsellors, who can help you make the career switch and discover the right path for your interests and abilities.


1. Which is the best Computer Degree after 12th Commerce?

BCA, Bachelor’s in Computer Application is the best computer college degree course for 12th commerce.

2. Which is the best online computer course certificate for 12th commerce?

There are several computer certification courses like Java, C ++, python, digital marketing online courses that a 12th commerce student can pursue.

3. Which course to take after 12th commerce with computer science?

Well there are several set of courses that you can explore and learn about the top are BCA, B.Com in Computer Application, Finance & Digital marketing diploma and more.

4. Is Graphical Designing the best course after 12th Commerce?

Yes it is the best course to start with if your interested in Art & Science and can explore in depth about computer programming as well.

5. After 12th Commerce Can one take up MCA Degree?

The eligibility to get into MCA is one should hold maths as a subject in their 12th or bachelor’s or should have completed B.Com/BCA degree.

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