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About Us

We, at Meraki, aim to empower all to pursue meaningful lives by manifesting their career success alongside personality development and healthy mental well-being. Our core mission is to encourage the holistic development of people ranging from students to young adults to the already established professionals and even parents. The idea is to help our clients excel professionally in their interest and aptitude-oriented careers whilst focusing on their mental health and well-being via various therapeutic connections and counselling services that will improve their quality of life. 


Meraki takes into account your aspirations, values, personality, aptitude, family and social background in order to determine an appropriate career path, specifically for you. The very concept of primary self-enhancement has been structured and developed continuously in society in order to reach peak experiences in one's life. But to reach that level, bags ample amount of confusion and dilemma, the flow of concrete messy ideas and brainstorming, a variety of doubts and questions owing to the mental load. Taking the same into consideration, our exceptional and distinctive services like that of Career Counselling, Building a CV/Resume and Improvising on your LinkedIn Profile along with Interview Preparation direct at your entire overall professional development in the industry attracting lucrative job offers. 


So is this it? Not really because as Bob Marley once quoted “Some people are so poor, all they have is Money”. Under the mask of an effervescent and joyful life, exists a bunch of muddy issues. You may be thriving at your school, college, or work, but feel stuck and helpless at the same time. Your friends and family may say they have your back, but you still feel disconnected from them. You begin to question yourself endlessly or stress about where to start conquering your goals and dreams while wondering if you are good enough for it too!  With this, there is a high possibility that you sound put together, but you don’t feel it. Your internal conflicts disrupt your external performance. Most individuals we see lookout for enhancing their confidence, find happiness along the path of self-realization, and develop holistically at a personal level- “I just want to be happy”. This is exactly why we opened our doors to therapy and counselling services. Mental Health Services at Meraki vary from helping one understand their self and identity to boost one’s confidence, improving interpersonal relationships, and even deal with several pressures and hassles in daily life. All of this is done in a systematic way so as to reduce the amount of prevailing stress and ultimately improving daily performance by promoting positivity in abundance and healthy functioning individuals. After all, participating in your own life is most empowering at all costs. 


Meraki wishes to serve as a stepping stone in the journey of success and satisfaction in your life and help you manifest your pursuits of excellence. 

About Founder

Meet The Team


Bhumika Phutela

  • LinkedIn

Head Coach and Founder

I make sure that Meraki gives highest quality to clients signing up for our services

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Chinmay Phutela

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Backend Guy and a Website Developer (in this case)

I ensure that this girl on left stay focused. I am also the most regular client of Meraki Counselling

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