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Mental Well-being, Career Planning and Professional Development all at one platform

MC² Community

Ask career related questions and let our mentors help you!


Career Planning

Here's a sneak peak into planning your future!


Career Counselling

Timely career planning with highly experienced specialists means you'll never regret your career path. Plan the next steps, choose subjects, pick universities, choose job roles, and set your long term career goals with experts. No matter what your career-related queries are, Meraki has a solution for you.

Therapy and Counselling

Your well-being matters

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Self Development

Throughout our lives, we attach different meanings to the term self. However, to become the best version of ourselves, it is important to understand what the 'self' is, what it needs, and nourish it accordingly. No matter if you are a student, professional, or even parent, start working on self with Meraki.

Professional Development

Hello professionalism!

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Interview Planning and Preparation

Don't we all want to get through that dream company or university? Then why let the intimidating interview process hamper your dreams? Our experts at Meraki ensure that you are prepared in a structured way for your interviews. Let's explore your life journey and help you crack those interviews. 

Connect with Industry Expert

Let's hear it from the horse's mouth



Connect with experts from their respective domains to learn more about their career journeys, job profile, pros and cons of the industry, a company culture that they are associated with, and much more. You can also avail a chance to get mentored by our experts who can help you lay a track for your career while helping you understand the prerequisite skills and qualifications.

Free Resources

Webinars and Workshops

Watch this space for free career-related events and webinars. Let's hear it from the experts about their respective careers and fields.

MC² Community

Share career-related stories, ideas, pictures, and more! Let's hear about your career story and interact with like-minded students and professionals


Let Meraki Blogs take you through a plethora of career paths opportunities! Explore top courses, colleges, and new-age careers.

What people say about us

Meraki counselling really helped me taking the right decision in my life. I was really confused and scared about my career and everything we talked and sorted everything out. Experts even helped me with all the colleges, entrance and stuff. I am really happy. Thank you so much !

- Megha Mehndiratta

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