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Psychometric Test

Psychometric Test and Personality Analysis

About Service:

The Psychometric Test will help you in determining your career interests, aptitude, strengths and weaknesses, personality, career motivators and learning styles. Each of these elements has a role to play in deciding which career are you best suited for. Go ahead with our Psychometric Test to make wise career decisions.

Key features:

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List of top career paths for you


Career personality analysis

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Profiling based on 5 key metrics

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Learning Style Analysis.png
Skills Analysis.png
Goal Setting Plan.png

Career motivators evaluation

Strength Evaluation.png

Career strength evaluation

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Life-time Access to the Career Library

Career style analysis

Skills and ability analysis

Brief discussion with Career Coach

Check out the sample report

Meraki Solution:

Psychometric Test with comprehensive report and a brief call with Career Coach

Rs. 1299


3 Step Process:


Complete payment with flexibility


Our expert will call you to forward the appropriate test


Give test online and unlock the report instantly


Is this test relevant for adults/professionals also?

Yes, this test is relevant for everyone who wants to know themselves better. It's never too late to understand your career interests better. Depending on your current qualification, a specific test will be given to you.

What should I expect from this test?

In simple words, you should expect a report which reflects your personality, strengths, interests, skills etc. Report also shortlists a few career clusters for which you are most suitable. Test will help you to choose the right career path and even help you in switching the career.

How long is the test ?

Test will take around 1-1.5 hours. There is no time limit or expiration date of the test.

Do I receive the results instantly

Yes! When you pay for the test, an appropriate test link and access code will be sent to you using which you can unlock the test report instantly.

Will this test lay a specific career plan for me?

This test will give you the ideal career options for you. If you wish to curate a specific and a unique career plan for you, it is advisable to convey this to the career coach who will call you after you submit the test.

Why Should I Take Psychometric Career Assessment Test?

Psychometric career assessment tests are designed to measure your skills, abilities, personality traits, and interests to help you identify suitable career paths. It also provides valuable insights into your strengths, interests, and potential career paths, making it a useful tool for career planning and development.

What All Questions are Asked in Psychometric Career Test?

This is an MCQ based test. The questions asked in a psychometric career test may vary depending on the specific test being used, as there are various types of psychometric tests that can be used for career assessment. However, some common types of questions that are included in a psychometric career test include:

  • Personality questions: These questions aim to assess an individual's personality traits, such as their level of extroversion or introversion, their overall unique characteristics and a strength analysis basis that. 

  • Aptitude questions: These questions aim to assess an individual's cognitive abilities, like verbal, logical, numerical, spacial, social, clerical and decision making skills. 

  • Interest questions: These questions aim to assess an individual's interests and preferences, such as their preferred work environment, their hobbies and activities, and the type of work that they find most fulfilling.

  • Work values questions: These questions aim to assess an individual's values and priorities related to work, such as their level of ambition, their desire for work-life balance, and their preferred work culture.

  • Behavioral questions: These questions aim to assess an individual's work-related behaviors and tendencies, such as their level of motivation, their ability to work in a team, and their communication skills.

What is the Duration of Psychometric Test for Career Counselling?

In general, a comprehensive psychometric career assessment test that covers multiple aspects of your personality, skills and abilities, strengths, motivators, emotional quotient, learning style and interests may take 45 mins to 1 hour to complete. 

What information does the Psychometric Test Report contain?

Generally, a Psychometric test report will be 25 to 43 pages long and it contains a range of information. Here are some common elements that you can find in a psychometric test report:

  • Your psychometric test results will help identify career clusters that align with your strengths and weaknesses. 

  • The report will focus on the top four clusters that best match your abilities. 

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