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How to Join for Ph.D. at IIT Without Clearing GATE?

IIT Phd without GATE

With bachelor's to end as students, we always think what is the next step. And many of you dream to do higher studies in well-versed institutions. One such is IIT, India’s top educational institution where students dream to be to build their careers. So, today in this article let us learn if is it possible to join IIT without clearing entrance exams. If yes then How? Which are the courses offered by IIT that don't need a GATE exam? Let us learn in detail.

Is it Possible to Join PhD at IIT without clearing the GATE?

Yes, there are chances to get into IIT direct admissions without any entrance exam. If you have a CGPA score of 8.0 and above in engineering or B.Tech from any high educational institution. And you have cleared the interviews conducted by IIT there are chances.

Or you can be a part of some of the reputed training programs or industrial tours like HAL and ISRO you will get chances to be at IIT without GATE. As IIT considers seats under reserved sponsorships as well.

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Alternative Options to Get into IIT

1. Institute-specific entrance exams:

As many of us know direct admissions for Ph.D. and other high degrees without entrance exams in IIT are not so common. Either way, there are possibilities to get into IIT without an entrance exam but minimum.

Hence, if you want to get into IIT, check the official website notifications and possibilities to be a part of specific entrance exams apart from GATE.

2. Group Research programs:

Involve yourself and get aware of the fellowship member programs. Take part in them and enhance your skills. And these programs tend to increase chances to get into IIT without a GATE test.

3. Sponsored projects:

Another best way to join a Ph.D. program without GATE in IIT is by securing a sponsored project. Many faculty members at IITs have research projects funded by external organizations.

If you can find a project aligned with your research interests and secure a sponsorship. Then it's a job done for you you may be able to join IIT without a GATE entrance exam under faculty supervision.

4. Academic achievements:

A well-defined research proposal with good academic grades and the best participation in academic achievements can help you get into the IIT Ph.D. program.

An impressive grades portfolio and recommendation if possible will help you get into IIT PhD admissions 2023 without GATE.

IITs that take candidates on the basis of CGPA

If you are someone who has done Mtech or M.S then you have chances to be an IIT Student. If you minimum CGPA and good enough academic grades then you are eligible to qualify for IIT without GATE. By taking up a simple interview round from the IIT team.

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Here is the list of top IIT branches in India that take candidates with direct admission in Ph.D. without entrance exams

  • IIT, Delhi

  • IIT, Kanpur

  • IIT, Madras

  • IIT, Gohatti

Ph.D. Courses that Don't Need GATE Entrance Test to Join IIT 2023

Course Names


Biomedical Engineering

ME, MTech, MSc, BE, Btech, BPham, MBBS, BVcs with a minimum of 65% marks and participation in sponsorship programs (if GATE is cleared chances to be in IIT are positive)

Civil Engineering

Bachelor’s degree in civil and a Master’s degree in an appropriate field with good academic scores.

Computer Science, Electrical Engineering & Engineering, M.E, M.S, communications, Control Engineering, and other related computer & electronics areas with a minimum of 60% marks

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Masters in related areas, technology, or masters research in a related field with a minimum score of 60%

English & Economics

Degree or Masters in relevant fields with a minimum of 55% score

Management Courses

Degree or Masters in management-related fields with a minimum of 55% score


Competition is high for sure and this generation is filled with bundles of knowledge to showcase. And talents are never to be ignored if they are students who want to explore and learn. In this article hope we helped in your 2023 admissions of IIT without GATE.

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1. Is GATE Mandatory to get into IIT?

Yes, for certain high education courses, GATE is a mandatory entrance exam to get a seat in IIT.

2. How much should be the score to get into IIT?

An average of 8.0 and above with a relevant Engineering degree in the field you want to apply for.

3. Which IIT Departments ask for GATE Entrance test results?

High-level Ph.D. courses in Science & Engineering should and must have GATE entrance test results.

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Haider Mir
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