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7 ways to earn being a full-time Musician in India?

Art and culture embody the essence of India, a captivating land that encompasses a myriad of treasures. Music, in particular, has flourished divinely and diversified throughout India's rich history. With an abundance of immensely talented musicians and even recent Oscar recognition, the industry has experienced significant growth. Therefore, if you aspire to forge a career in music, there are several essential aspects you should familiarize yourself with.

Within the music industry, there exist numerous avenues through which musicians can sustain themselves financially while pursuing their passion. In this regard, we have compiled a list of the top seven methods for Indian musicians to generate income as full-time professionals.

If you are uncertain about which career path to choose, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us for career counseling. Our goal is to assist you in avoiding potential career mistakes and help you gain clarity on the career that best suits your abilities and interests.

Top 7 Ways to Earn as Full-time Musician in India

1. Social Media

Certainly! Social media has emerged as a powerful tool for musicians worldwide, including India, enabling them to establish thriving communities and capitalize on their talents. Countless artists have harnessed the potential of social media platforms to showcase their skills, resulting in widespread recognition and financial opportunities within the music industry.

Building a dedicated social media following opens avenues for monetization through various means. These include direct sales of music or merchandise, launching crowdfunding campaigns to gather support from fans, collaborating on sponsored posts with brands, and forging strategic partnerships. Numerous artists have effectively leveraged social media to gain well-deserved acclaim and transform their fan base into a sustainable revenue source. Here are the top 10 artists who became famous in music through social media,

  1. Anuv Jain (Instagram id - anuvjain)

  2. PrateekKhuad (Instagram id - prateekkuhad)

  3. Ritviz (Instagram id - vizdumb)

  4. Swasti Mehul (Instagram id - swastimehulmusic)

  5. Yashraj Mukhate (Instagram id - yashrajmukhate)

2. Form your own Band:

Forming a band and producing original music to be released on music streaming platforms is a remarkable approach to showcasing your artistic abilities. By assembling a group of like-minded individuals who motivate and inspire you to excel, you can embark on a journey of creating music that reflects your distinctive style. Establishing a band entails selecting a compelling name that captures the essence of your collective identity and musical vision. Once you're ready, it's time to share your music with the world by utilizing prominent online platforms.

This strategy has proven successful for numerous renowned Indian bands who have garnered fame for their exceptional talent. Here are a few notable examples:

  1. Sanam

  2. When Chai Met Toast

  3. The Local Train

  4. Antaragni

  5. The9Teen

  6. Project Mishram

  7. Pineapple Express

3. Open Mics

There are restaurants and pubs that organize open mic shows for individuals eager to showcase their talents in various forms such as stand-up comedy, music performances, storytelling, poetry, and more. Participating in these events and playing live gigs at pubs and restaurants can be an excellent way to enhance your confidence and acquire valuable skills. These experiences provide a platform for growth, allowing you to connect with fellow artists and receive feedback from a live audience. Embrace these opportunities as they will not only boost your confidence but also facilitate continuous learning.

4. Work for a Music School as a Teacher

Working as a music teacher in a nearby music school presents a promising avenue for earning income through music. In this role, musicians can impart their expertise by teaching music theory, and instruments, or conducting vocal lessons. Besides providing financial stability, teaching offers the opportunity to share knowledge and inspire aspiring artists, nurturing the growth of the next generation of musicians. It is a fulfilling endeavor that combines the passion for music with the joy of guiding others on their musical journeys.

5. Start your own Music Classes(online/offline)

Consider starting your own music classes, whether in-person or online, offering both group and private sessions. You can begin by conducting classes from the comfort of your own home. Even with just one student paying Rs.2000 for eight classes, you can generate a respectable income. By having multiple batches of students, teaching in the weekends alone can potentially earn you up to Rs.30,000 per month. This presents a rewarding opportunity to earn a living doing what you love. Teaching music not only provides financial stability but also allows you to share your passion and knowledge with others, making a positive impact on their musical journeys.

6. Work as a Session Musician

Session musicians play a crucial role in the music industry and can be hired by recording studios and film production houses to contribute to various projects, including recordings and live performances. Musicians with expertise in different instruments or vocal styles can find opportunities to work on albums, film scores, or even collaborate with established artists. Building a strong network of industry professionals and considering membership in musicians' unions can be advantageous when seeking full-time employment as a musician in India. These connections and affiliations can open doors to more opportunities, leading to a sustainable income as a session musician.

7. Start an Artist Management Company

Musicians with strong business acumen have the option to establish their own artist management company. In this role, they would represent and promote talented artists, handle bookings, negotiate contracts, and oversee the management of their careers.

By supporting and guiding other artists toward success, the management company can earn a percentage of the artist's earnings as their compensation. This mutually beneficial arrangement allows for the generation of profit while concurrently managing both the artistic and business aspects as a full-time job. Running an artist management company not only provides a steady income but also offers the opportunity to contribute to the growth and success of fellow musicians, creating a positive impact on the industry as a whole.


1. How much does a music professional get paid in India?

The average Salary of a music professional is 30k to 70k per month.

2. What is the average salary of a music director in India?

The highest paid salary for a music director in India is 12 - 13 Lakhs per year basis (1.1 - 1.2 per month).

3. Can one earn money from music with a full-time job?

Yes, you can earn money from music even if you are involved in full time job, by creating and selling your music through web platforms.

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