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Sowjanya Santhanam

Sowjanya Santhanam


+ Years Experience

Korean Language Expert / Senior Research Associate

Sowjanya Santhanam is a Korean language expert who has completed her advanced level certifications from Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea. She is also a fellow of the Korea Foundation and has conducted extensive research in the Department of East Asian Studies at Sungkyunkwan University. In addition, Sowjanya has also represented India as a panelist at the Public Diplomacy Week organized by Korea Foundation. She holds a Masters degree in English Literature from the University Of Madras. Experienced in research, translation and interpretation; she has worked in industries spanning from K-beauty, E-commerce, BPOs and is also a freelance interpreter for the South Korean Consulate in Mumbai, India. Having spent a significant period of time in Korea, she is well versed with the culture and the nuances of the language. She is always looking forward to helping aspiring Korean language enthusiasts. A firm advocate for learning foreign languages, she sincerely believes that it can aid in character development and broaden one’s horizons.

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