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Prof. Rao Kumar

Prof. Rao Kumar


+ Years Experience

Visual, Textile & Fine Artist | Graphics & UI Designer | Professor

Mr. Ranveer Rao is a pixel-perfect Creative Graphic Designer & Visual Artist with over 10+ years of expertise who takes great pride in creating immersed & visually stunning designs and artworks. He is a resourceful and imaginative teaching professional, highly trained in a wide array of artistic mediums. Mr. Rao has a talent for instilling art appreciation, and promoting creativity and open-mindedness. He has proven ability to maintain a well-disciplined and highly motivated classroom and offers individualized support and provide positive encouragement to ensure that each child succeeds. He is a collaborative educator, with outstanding communication and interpersonal skills to cultivate and sustain strong relationships within the school community. His entire tenure at iconic Sir JJ school, sparked off, his artistic indulgence with mesmerizing mediums, interplaying with resplendence on life itself. Mr Rao also assists students with applications for top Art & Design Universities of USA, Europe, and Singapore

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