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Ms. Shivangi Sharma

Ms. Shivangi Sharma


+ Years Experience

Founder at Psysquare | Organizational Psychologist | Researcher | Trainer

Ms. Shivangi Sharma is a highly motivated and ambitious Psychologist cum Entrepreneur. Her vision is to train and mentor young Psychologists, square their level of knowledge and help them reach their career potential. Ms. Sharma launched Psysquare India with an aim to enhance employment skills and life skills of students through customized training programs. Goes without saying that she is a firm believer of the term “Square” because being a square keeps you from going around in circles. Her key area of expertise is understanding human behaviour and its interaction with technology,

Ms. Sharma completed her MBA Entrepreneurship from California State University, Long Beach and MSc Psychology HRDM from Christ University, Bangalore. Her professional career began at the age of 16 and ever since she immersed herself in diverse roles like that of a Career Coach, Human Resources Expert, Entrepreneur and has even worked as a UX Researcher in San Francisco Bay Area. She has worked in Technology, Health, Hospitality, Education, and Transportation sectors to gain an array of exposure and experience in research.

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