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Ms. Shagun Marwah

Ms. Shagun Marwah


+ Years Experience

Former Content Writer at POPxo | Roposo | VOGUE - Condé Nast

Ms. Shagun Marwah with 6+ years of experience in the industry has worked in myriad fields of content ranging from long-form article writing to short-form content curation, social media, and influencer marketing to community management, SEO to business development, and digital/print media industries to short video platforms, her thirst for exploration knows no bounds. She was associated with brands like Swiggy, Vogue, POPxo, School-Live, ROPOSO, Byttedance and High-end designers. Ms. Marwah has taken up both full-time and freelancing roles as Content Writer, Content Editor, Content Manager, Content Moderator, Trending Writer, Features Writer, and Community Management Specialist. 

For her, passion is nothing but an amalgamation of free-thinking, a chord that strikes her heart and encouragement of excelling in what she loves. As an aspiring novelist, her greatest passion has, and will always lie in her writing. Spending time in libraries amidst the charming smell of books, immersing herself in stories of different genres and weaving a web of stories with a cup of coffee is her idea of pure bliss. She often, observe what others leave unnoticed and use those experiences in writing articles that are more thought-provoking and engaging.

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