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Ms. Sakshi Bansal

Ms. Sakshi Bansal


+ Years Experience

Psychometric Consultant at Saville Assessment, London, UK

Ms. Sakshi Bansal is passionately Consulting on Psychometrics & Assessments and is a Founder at LEAP India. Ms. Bansal is 100% LinkedIn Nerd and a Solo Traveler. She is always happy and enthusiastic to chat about social work, delivering impactful content, A-I, Psychology or anything that YOU are passionate about. She is one of the hosts at Glass-Half-Full, a platform for weekly sessions for all psychology-related professionals in India, wherein putting some drinks in the mixer is more than welcomed along with the intellectual conversation.

Ms. Bansal has always been a go getter right from school and college days. She was a part of Department of Psychology where she spearheaded a team of 60 students to organize a series of innovative and future-facing events. Ms. Bansal was also honoured to be one of the 8 students selected from UK to form the cohort for young researcher's for 2018-19 tenure.

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