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1-1 Personalised Session @2499 INR

Ms. Harneet Kaur

Ms. Harneet Kaur


+ Years Experience

Practicing Corporate Lawyer and Life Coach

Ms. Harneet Kaur is fun loving, well travelled , out going, confident multi dimensional personality. She is not only a full time practicing corporate lawyer but is also a passionate counsellor.
She provides mentorship in various areas such as law, finance, management, psychology, social activities, nutrition and fitness, ikigai (helps in finding your motive in life, your existence purpose), fashion, event management, life coaching, communication skills. She also likes to work around over all personality development, confidence issues, public speaking, career counselling, meditation and overall healing for day to day life issues.

Besides catering to mainstream Law, Ms. Kaur is also as a consultant with many dignified govt., semi govt. and private departments. Ms. Kaur has a flare of public speaking and has headed many seminars.

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