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Ms. Harleen Kaur

Ms. Harleen Kaur


+ Years Experience

Linecook at Nightowl, Canada Former Food Stylist, and R&D Chef

Harleen, is a recent Food Media Graduate. She started her journey with hopes of being a psychologist but her heart always belonged in the kitchen and she loved everything that was related to food. She is a Hotel Management Graduate with a specialisation in Food Production.

She moved to Kuwait to work as a Junior Research and Development Chef. While working in Kuwait, she had opportunities to develop recipes, assist in food styling and food photography for Marafie Works Group, which owns a chain of restaurants. It was then that she realized there's so much more to do with food than being in the kitchen. She decided to move to Canada and learn more about food media and the industry. She's currently working at Nightowl (a gastropub) as a line cook and training to be a CDP. Her passion is to tell stories through food.

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