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Ms. Astha Gill

Ms. Astha Gill


+ Years Experience

Founder and Director at Special Persona Learning Gallery

Ms. Astha Gill – An Accomplished Trainer cum Educationist with 2 decades of professional experience. She is an Aviation Veteran who started her professional journey at a very young age. She started flying as a Flight Attendant, many of you commonly know this job as- Airhostess /Cabin Crew. Ms. Gill started working in her teenage. Her Journey with the aviation industry has been quite exciting, while she was enjoying flying as an Inflight Manager with the then Best Airline of India - Jet Airways she also ventured out training opportunities within the Airline. As a Trainer she was able to serve various domains and trained professionals from almost all departments of the Airline… including Pilots, Managers, Cabin Crew , ground personnel etc. She attained training accreditation from 3 different international platforms and held even more responsible positions like Training Manager and Performance Manager during her tenure with Jet Airways

The exposure of such varied domains gave her the golden opportunity to work for Directorate General of Civil Aviation (the Indian Aviation regulatory body) as a Cabin safety Inspector. Presently, she happens to be the only person empanelled as Cabin Safety Subject Matter Expert with Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau of India which makes her a responsible Aviation incident and accident investigator too.

Ms. Gill is justifying her entire professional journey by presently nurturing her Learning Gallery – famously known as Special Persona Learning Gallery.

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