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Ms. Abhilasha Sharan

Ms. Abhilasha Sharan


+ Years Experience

Former Sports Psychologist at Sports Association of India, Hockey India,

Ms. Abhilasha Saharan is currently working as a Freelance Sports Psychologist, is a sports enthusiast herself and has worked as Sports Psychologist with Sports Authority of India (SAI), Hockey India, National Rifle Association of India and Prohealth Asia Physiotherapy Clinic. After working in sports sector and training under military psychologist, Ms. Abhilasha started counselling athletes for quality of life. She also provides psychological consultation during rehabilitation program in coordination with nutritionist and physiotherapists. The consultation also revolves around improving performance during competitions and stress management. Ms. Saharan has also mentored quite a number of students and professionals about other job options that are available in sports and military settings and has also guided on how to apply and prepare for them.

Ms. Saharan bags a B.A. (Hons.) Psychology from Mody University, Rajasthan and M.A. Applied Psychology from University of Delhi, South Campus. Her credentials go beyond the degree and bags a an APA membership general, APA membership sports psychology, APA membership military psychology and Sport Psychology Association of India membership.

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