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Mr. Paawan Arora

Mr. Paawan Arora


+ Years Experience

Director Business Development at Atlas Systems

Mr. Paawan Arora is a Seasoned Sales & Business Development Professional in the IT industry with a total of 7 years of experience and has worked with companies like Google, Amex, Gartner etc. He bags an MBA in Marketing and International Business from Symbiosis Pune. Mr. Arora has attended a full-time exchange program in Business and Management from Berlin School of Economics and Law. He has been guiding professionals and students and provides them with insight into various job roles based on priorities and skill sets. He has also mentored many young sales professionals in previous positions.

He is passionate about the topic: understanding one-self and believes in effectively communicating one's strengths and weaknesses to the interviewer. Keeping the same approach in mind, he has helped a huge chunk of students and professionals to crack their respective interviews.

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