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Mr. Chinmay Phutela

Mr. Chinmay Phutela


+ Years Experience

Researcher at Technology Innovation Institute, Abu Dhabi

Mr. Chinmay Phutela is a unique and deadly combination of creativity, intellect, hard work and smart work. His mantra is "The qualification alone can't decide your future". His enterprising and hustling personality doesn't let him wait for opportunities and deals to present themselves, rather he runs and grab whatever suits his interest. Well as Mr. Ratan quotes rightly "I take decisions and then make them right.", Mr. Phutela is no less and follows the same pursuit.

Mr. Phutela is an academically and commercially astute engineer-driven with a passion for innovation.
He bags a B.Tech Computer Science, Jaypee University, Noida and MSc Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing, Nottingham University, Nottingham. The combination of his qualifications and diverse work profiles (research assistant, marketing team lead, business developer, analyst, co-founder) throws light on how much he thrives to integrate trending technology with new-age Startups. In addition to this, he has also added a fuel to a few conventional family businesses by yet again integrating technology and relevant softwares with the Business. He also co-founded the first 3D Printing firm in Surat, India and has worked as a Marketing Team Lead in two ventures.

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